Camisle  "the Home
    of Winter Golf"



Does a little snow stop a Canadian from

their sport  ...  of course not eh!


For 24 years Camisle has offered golf in

winter.  When we have mild winter days 
with little snow -- we will be open.

Got the golf bug in March? we will be
open.  We are well known to be the first 
golf course that avid golfers try in the
new year.


Once the snow is melted away you will be golfing on  generous grass fairways most of the winter months.
Just bring your good nature, brightly
coloured golf balls and warm clothing.
The different twist to the game becomes
apparent when the snow in the rough becomes a hazard but the water hazards
turn into your ally, yielding an excellent bounce for some more distance.


By the way,  Winter Rules Apply.

Call for Conditions - (905) 335-6028

3rd Fairway

Burlington Winter
Carnival - Burbear

3rd Tee
Photo Op